What is Twisted Digital?

Twisted Digital is a simple easy to understand down to earth website development business that can give you the easiest solutions to get you or your next big idea online ASAP with as little effort as possible, with a cost that can suit anyone's budget.

What makes Twisted Digital, "twisted"?

As I’m always thinking of ways to make the whole user experience better and easy to use, and easy to understand. I always think and make all these simple tricks to make lengthy tasks possibly with the click of a button, so what makes it so twisted is I shape the internet in ways you couldn’t imagine, I’m not afraid of trying new things. I am willing to be thrown in the deep end of mostly anything.

During my time while making websites I’ve come across some outrageously difficult to use websites and/ or websites that have content that is hard to find websites (and oh boy I can certainly name a few), so with all these annoyances in mind, I’ve decided to structure my whole business around ease of use. I haven’t had one user ask for help with using any of my programs, websites or web applications.

When you think something is impossible I, most of the time; can manage to find a way to use out of the box thinking. When something cannot be supplied, I’ll work out a way to get around it and still get the same or similar results.

I supply my clients with constant error checking, so any errors that may occur within their website I'll be notified and fix it. Best part is, there is no extra charge what so ever.

As I have a high passion for web development, I have developed the 'want' to make all services, etc… myself using raw code (from scratch), example I don’t use Wordpress for blogs, Shopify for online stores, etc… I make them myself.

About Me

Photo Of Me

Hi, my name is Joshua (preferably Josh) growing up I have always been interested in the technology (like most kids nowadays) the world had to offer. I was always into pulling things apart to see how they work (but couldn’t exactly put some things back together haha). From then on I started getting into computers, starting from the basics of fixing simple computer problems which went on for years, then eventually I started making offline websites for the PlayStation Portable which had the nickname ‘portals’ once I started making a few of them I wanted a way to distribute them to people around the world, so I made my first website. It wasn’t anything flash, no fancy graphics, just simple enough to do what I wanted.

After a few years I wanted to step up to software development, so I started making a few programs, ones that are still being used by hundreds of users to this day (as I keep stats using one of my current websites). After a few years of developing software, I started distributing them through my software distribution website called Tiny Builds.

Once I started getting the hang of developing software I thought I’d have a crack at website development. So as mentioned above I have created many, many websites such as a popular one of mine called Hit Counter, I thought of Hit Counter during the time I was creating software as I wanted a way to keep statistics of how many people are using my software.

From then on I started focusing on making websites, which was the kick starting point of making websites for other people. I started out just making them privately, then thought I’d turn my hobby into a business, hence the ‘birth’ of Twisted Digital!

* This only applies to some website development services.
** This isn't always the case, times I may use third-party scripts/software/services/etc... is if the client requests it, or if a third-party feature is easier to implement.